ChoiceTV is a video production company located in Orange County CA, which provides the solution for all of your video and marketing needs. You and your business are in good hands with ChoiceTV’s award winning team. With many types of videos available to your business, ChoiceTV will work with you to select the best one that suits your businesses needs. Not only will you receive an amazing amount of creative synergy that ultimately produces a top-notch video; but also you can be a featured commercial on the ChoiceTV Business show, which airs on FOX 11. Your business will receive the eye catching “As seen on FOX 11” logo that can be used your for all your marketing efforts online and in print materials.

We Do All the Work

  • Professionally produced videos to showcase on your website and social media platforms
  • Establish authority and brand awareness within your industry
  • Get YouTube views which increase your visibility
  • Video ranking on Google which will increase your website traffic
  • FOX 11 advertising opportunity, which gives you bragging rights!
  • Worry Free experience, you won’t need to do anything extra, we do it all!


  • You tell us your story, what you do, and how you do things differently
  • You’ll receive the storyline
  • Don’t worry about the game plan, we’ll have one ready for you


  • Sit back and relax as we bring our crew to direct you and your key company message
  • You have a discussion on camera about yourself and your business
  • B-roll is captured of you and your business
  • You and your business come out looking like stars


  • Post production editing with the best music and custom graphics
  • Your video is uploaded to YouTube
  • Your video is then ranked on Google
  • Your video is added to our distribution list which will increase views
  • You receive the video file to embed on your website and use in your social media

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Website Needs a Video

  1. Online video delivers 10 times the response rate than static text and graphics.
  2. Your website is 53 times more likely to appear on Google’s first page if you have a video than if you do not, especially if the video is on Google owned YouTube.
  3. Consumers who view a product demo video while shopping are 95% more likely to buy.
  4. When video is embedded in an e-newsletter, click through rates increase DRAMATICALLY.
  5. In a service industry, an online video will introduce your personality in a way that a picture or a blog cannot. Testimonials are 100 times more believable when delivered by a REAL person rather than a sentence.

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